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Welcome to Talking is Medicine

Welcome to Talking is Medicine


Hello, and a hearty welcome to Talking is Medicine! Grab a cup of your favourite brew, find that snug corner you love to curl up in and join us as we lift the lid on our new website and spill the beans on the main things you'll find inside. 


Starting with the 'WHAT', you ask? Great idea! We love a curious mind. 


So, what on earth is Talking is Medicine? What's with the name? And what grand plans are afoot? 


Have a gander at our logo. It symbolises ‘rising’, a fresh start, a new dawn, and the start of a journey to the best version of you.  



We're all about fostering a community of kindred spirits, all eager to become their best selves. Here at TIM, our mission is simple – dish out insightful, educational newsletters crafted by industry pros and, above all, get those conversations flowing. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!


We're painfully aware of the negativity that can lurk in the dark corners of the web. That's why we're here to shine a light, bringing positivity to your screens. We aim to build a digital haven where folks can gather, chat, and soak up inspiration from our diverse newsletters….. Not to mention some great daily motivation and feel-good quotes on our Instagram page @talkingismedicine. 




Want the scoop on how Talking is Medicine came to be? Check out our Founder, Suzanne Jackson's in-depth blog post on the origin story here.


Now that we've done the meet-and-greet and aren't strangers anymore let's dive deep into the juicy parts of our website…..


Our website is designed to be a hub for our vibrant community to connect. We've got three main attractions: 


1. Our Newsletter

2. The Empowerment Blog 

3.The 'Let's Talk’ Community Forum 


If you still need to join, head to the 'Join Our Community' tab. Punch in your details, and voila, you're in!  


Our newsletter will swing by your inbox every two weeks, brimming with thought-provoking pieces on mental health, physical well-being, psychology, and much more. It's designed to ignite discussions and enrich our understanding of various topics. 


The blog is your one-stop shop for the latest articles by industry gurus and our team. Stay tuned for updates, empowerment readings, sneak peeks into what we've got brewing and maybe some behind the scenes. 



And then there's our community forum. Picture a cosy digital fireside chat minus the negativity that sometimes plagues the web. We've designed this as a safe space for chit-chat and deep discussions. You can muse over the week's newsletter or enjoy a natter with like-minded folks, but let's keep it respectful and uplifting. (As a forum member, you pledge to be over 18, and any offensive or disrespectful chatter will be promptly shown the door). 


We're all in the same boat here – individuals on unique journeys. We're growing, learning, and navigating life's maze. Let's find solace and companionship in each other. But more importantly, let's be a pillar of support for one another. 


We hope you love Talking is Medicine as much as we loved creating it for you. If you have any queries or suggestions for topic requests from our upcoming newsletter, drop us a line on our Contact Us page.


We can't wait to hear from you! 


Let's get those conversations rolling, 

The TIM Team 

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