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A Word From Our Founder….
lets evolve

A Word From Our Founder….

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all very well.

My name is Suzanne Jackson and I am the creator of TIM. I’m very excited to introduce to you, my passion project, Talking is Medicine.

For those of you who may not know me, I am an entrepreneur and owner of award winning beauty brands SOSU Cosmetics and Dripping Gold Tan. I have an online following of close to one million followers across all my platforms, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

You’re probably wondering how all this came about? As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, it touched everyone, changing our lives in ways we could never have imagined. It was a time of things turning upside down, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, restrictions, and isolation. In Ireland, the mood was low, and many of us felt overwhelmed.

One night, amid all this, I posted a simple chat box on my Instagram. The caption was just two words: “Let’s talk.” I opened a space for conversation, sharing, and expressing those feelings we were all battling with. The response was immense and immediate.

My inbox was flooded with messages, a lot of fears and concerns, anxieties, and dreads. Women and Men of all ages reached out, pouring their worries into this small digital box, seeking connection, empathy, and maybe just a fleeting moment of hope.

As I read these messages, I was moved by the depth of feeling and the raw honesty. I was also acutely aware that these were deeply sensitive topics, and I was far from qualified to delve too deep into them.

Despite not having formal qualifications to address such complex emotional concerns, I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. My years in the industry equipped me with tools that could be utilised differently and potentially make a difference. So, a thought occurred to me: I had more than just empathy to offer. I had a platform, a voice, a network of knowledgeable contacts, and a determined spirit to bring about a positive change.

So I decided to build a community where people could learn to cope with life’s trials and tribulations. A safe space for everyone to express their concerns and fears, to be heard and supported, and to share and learn. That’s when the ‘Talking is Medicine’ Instagram/idea was born.

Over time, as the idea stewed and simmered in the back of my mind, and as the Instagram page steadily grew its follower base, the concept for ‘Talking is Medicine’ became more concrete. With the experience and relationships, I’ve built over 13 years in the industry, I saw an opportunity to use my platform in a new way. I wanted to shine a light on experts and leaders in the field of self-improvement and wellness to guide, educate and support the community that was forming. To draw it all back to that night during the pandemic when I posted that small chat box, hoping to provide some solace and connection in the chaos.

I am so excited that we have now launched our website that you are currently exploring, and our bi-weekly newsletter that will be written by industry professionals.  

We have carefully selected guests who are standouts in their respective fields to bring to you a newsletter that is packed with educational and inspirational information…

And guess what? It’s all for you, and it’s all free. My only ask? That you give it a shot and be open to the power of change. Because talking isn’t just comforting- it’s healing, it’s growth, it’s medicine.

Small, ordinary, yet consistent positive changes repeated habitually over long periods of time can lead to extraordinary transformations in our lives, so together, let's create that ripple effect of positivity in our lives and watch it spread to everyone around us!

Thank you for trusting us to be part of your self-improvement journey. We can't wait to see you grow and flourish with us. 

And remember, talking truly is medicine.

With warmth and anticipation,



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Just came across this thankyou for sharing


Hi Suzanne
I’m a latecomer to your page and congratulations it’s fantastic. I am wondering if you can tell how many young people are subscribed. I’m from Skerries and even in our own community we have been affected as you know by “perhaps if they had said something or reached out and talked”. We are not the only town affected with mental health & more among our young. So – keep going, you’re only touching the surface of what will be so beneficial. If you reach one, you’ve achieved enormity. We all have our stories and it’s good to talk.

Ann-Marie Durkin

Delighted to see your vision is now a reality. Thank you for creating this safe space.
Grateful 🥲

Clare Moynihan

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